I am definitely coming down with something. This is not good.

This game about dismantling a radio, however, is excellent. You do not need to read Japanese to play the game.

You would need to read Japanese in order to fully understand this video.

Still worth seeing though, even if you, like me, have no Japanese. It is awesome enough by itself, but it turns out that the Lego is a model of an actual place - the Kinkaku-ji Temple. This beats that Lego grandfather clock, I’d say.

Last Tuesday I played a solo set at Phibbers, a very pleasant pub on the Holloway Road. It was a quiet night, with no more than a dozen or so people there, though there was one table of six who seemed to be really enjoying the music. Highlight of the evening was when the six people in question came to the stage and turned out to be Tara London’s six piece band, who proceeded to put on a show as if it was 1200 people, not 12. Great stuff.

I’m playing bass in two new bands at the moment, both with pairs of brothers. First there’s Chris and Justin McConville, with whom I played an eclectic set of largely bluesy mostly covers at Jazz After Dark this Wednesday under the moniker of Macs n Myers. It was also a relatively quiet night but the people there seemed to enjoy it - one extremely drunk Spanish guy insisted on taking my number so he could pass it on to his club-owning friend in Madrid - and it was great fun to sing and play bass again, as I haven’t done that in ages. We’re hoping to do this or something similiar again soon. Including the country-rock version of Number of the Beast. Oh yes. Out of genre Iron Maiden covers are the future.

I’m also playing bass with Daren and Haydn Callow at Power’s Bar in Kilburn, this coming Wednesday, in Daren’s new band ‘Callow Youth’. It’s a pleasure to play with Haydn again after twenty years - he was an excellent drummer then and has definitely been practising - and I’ve also really enjoyed Daren’s solo sets each time I’ve seen him play, so it’s great to get the chance to try and figure out the basslines for playing the same material in a band situation. Hope I’m doing it justice.

I’m also playing a short solo set at Prohibition on Sunday evening, and I’ve been extremely crap about actually telling anyone.

And I uploaded the first Fit and the Conniptions album to Bandcamp:

Hope that works.

Dear Google. You are supposed to be very clever and to get things right. Why then, can I not - when composing an email - easily switch back and forth between plain and rich text views, without losing content? It took ages to put those links in the first time, but now I want to add some code to embed something, I have switched to plain text view to add the embed code, and I have lost all those links. Putting them in again took ages. This blog-by-email lark is supposed to be easier than this. Love, Wayne

But the best thing to happen this week by far was discovering Warren Ellis’s webcomic FreakAngels. How the hell did I miss that for so long?