It’s new. And shiny.

And I’ve uploaded the live EP from last year, which should be embedded below:

If it isn’t, you can try directly, or , where the Bandcamp player is also (subtly) embedded.

All being well, you can now download the EP in the high quality format of your choice, with an option to pay via PayPal, and (for now) a minimum price of zero.

I say “for now” because I am not yet sure what happens if you do choose a figure over zero but below the PayPal transaction fee. Idealism has its limits - actually losing money on high quality downloads, if I end up getting stiffed for the PayPal fee on a transaction of 1p, strikes me as dumb. Also I am not Radiohead or NiN, with their large volume of fans, so while the standard quality mp3s will always be free to download, I can see myself setting a minimum price for the high quality downloads some day in the future. Being skint and all.

Feel free to have a play with it and please do let me know if anything doesn’t work.

Note to self: check out what the PayPal transaction fees actually are.