It’s been a year since I last blogged.

After Posterous closed down suddenly back in April 2013, I decided that I would never again trust my blog to a third-party source. Third-party sources get sold to Twitter, tell you how great everything is, then close your blog down, because they were never in it to provide you with a service, they were in it to showcase what they could do and get sold to some other third-party. If your tiny little blog gets removed from the internet as collateral damage, that’s your own lookout.

To be fair, you get what you pay for.

Meanwhile it’s now February 2014, and I still haven’t got round to setting up my own installation. There’s a reason for that - I’ve been busy.

It’s taken two years since I started it, but my project to finally remix and finish the whole of the 2002 recording session is now done:

Much more to say about all that, but for now, have a listen, and I hope you enjoy it.