whole again, as twenty years
delusion melted in moonlight
and fading scars of burning tears
are banished now on sight
and who can measure what appears
on such a healing night

strong again or so it seems
but fools once scarred are wary still
and fools restored dream foolish dreams
believing there is dreaming still
to dream and work to do it seems
according to Her will

home again but never truly
that’s not how these paths are shaped
too chaotic too unruly
never found nor quite escaped

you again i didn’t know
i didn’t really understand
i never knew which cards to show
or keep concealed in my hand
and now the lights are drawing low
the sun in pieces on the sand

Been a very long while since anything like this happened, so I’m mainly posting it here to remind myself I didn’t just dream it. Might become a song. Or not. Who knows?

This is the kind of thing that happens when you stay up all night reading Robert Graves and drinking whisky.

Do not try this at home. By which I mean - by all means please do try this at home.